What I [personally] would like to weigh.

at specific heights. this is my OWN opinion. I am very strict as to how I want my body to look, so I don’t exactly recommend anyone else to follow this. also keep in mind I AM 12. So these are weights still in the healthy range for a TWELVE YEAR OLD. You would most certainly want to raise these if you were 16 years old for example.

5’0 - 80 lbs

5’1 - 85 lbs

5’2 - 88 lbs

5’3 - 90 lbs

5’4 - 98 lbs

5’5 - 103 lbs

5’6 - 107 lbs

5’7 - 110-112 lbs

5’8 - 115 lbs

5’9 - 118 lbs

As I said, these are MY OPINION of ideal weights for my age and my age only. I have no idea why but based on age-to-age weight can vary even at the same height. As in a 5’1 80 lb-er would look deathly skeletal if she were 18 and above as where a 5’1 80 lb-er at 12 would look skinny but healthy. I’m not sure how this works.. possibly because you have more baby fat on you at a younger age. but I can’t be sure. hm.

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If I see ONE more person say ‘you’re WAY too young to care about appearance/weight.!’ to someone my age I WILL flip.

What.? just because I happen to be young[er than most girls trying to lose weight] that gives you some sort of excuse to stereotype younger girls.? No, it doesn’t work like that.

Some people (like me) are -in a sense-‘trapped’ in the age you are at. As in, yes, I am 12 years old. Do I act or feel this age.? No, thank you very much.

I am 12, 5’1, and 95 lbs. Am I happy.? Not at all. Am I too young to change that.? According to the stereotype I am supposedly under; very much yes.

I swear to god that is so ageist. Especially when some girls on these thinspo blogs are only 14 or 15. That isn’t very much older than 12. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me..

That’s like, for example, a 43 year old saying something similar to a 40 year old ‘oh you cant lose weight because I am 43 and you’re 40. Therefore I am so much older than you.’ Same age difference. People need to calm their tits here.

I hope you all take this into consideration. I’m done.

It pisses me off immensely

that people say ‘guys prefer an average girl as opposed to a skinny girl. so go eat a sandwich.’

Hmm nice to know. I could care less what a guy would prefer anyway. There’s loads of skinny girls out there that have boyfriends if you haven’t noticed. But I personally don’t think guys care what a girls figure is like. curvy, skinny, I’m pretty sure they could care less as long as they’re not holding a girl with her spine sticking out and all that.

Plus, if a girl is losing weight only for the sole reason to get a boyfriend she’s doing it all for the wrong reasons.

I’m doing this for myself and myself only. Everyone acts like I’m skinny enough so it’s obvious I’m doing it for myself.

Do it for YOURSELF, not a guy or a friend or what have you. Jesus Christ people…

My BMI is 17 for the record.

Hahaha I’m underweight and don’t even look it.

BMI systems are the most fucked up methods to supposedly determine whether you’re healthy or not.

surrrriously. >.<

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Motivational ramblings.

I thought small boned people were supposed to be thin and small.

Why am I not.? I’m small boned.

they’re supposed to have high metabolisms and all that. I’m not skinny..

95 lbs at 5’1.5 seems skinny. but not really.. :/

not to mention I worked my ass off just to get here. it wasn’t because of metabolism. I’ve starved myself multiple times. I didn’t get here the natural, easy way those naturally skinny girls do. [through metabolism, eating loads and still losing.]

I WORKED. I’ve lost around 10 lbs from when I’ve started my latest diet. It doesn’t even matter if I lost 2 lbs, I WORKED for what I have now. that should be enough motivation to lose my last 10 lbs.

It should be motivation for you all. You’ve only lost 3 lbs in the past 3 weeks.? Well hell, good for you.! You didn’t lose as much as you hoped for, but you still LOST. that takes work. congratulate yourself. that right there should give you the motivation to keep working and lose another 5,10,15 lbs. whatever your goal is.

stay strong.!<3

I have 17% body fat.

total bullshit if you ask me. I AM FAT. looool. I was reading this one teen diet book thing and it said even girls who HAVEN’T started puberty yet have more than me.!

so is this a lot orrrr…?

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I really need to stop weighing myself.

Help me. I weigh myself anyway from around 5-10 times a day for no reason. I haven’t had an accurate weigh in for 3 or 4 weeks and now that I finally have my scale back it’s all this stupid water weight I have to deal with.

It’s fluctuating between 102-104 lbs. I feel like a failure. it’s not even my fault. I hope my periods just stop. I’m hardly even eating much so I hope they truly do. yesterday I had 300 calories [not counting fruits and veggies] and with fruits and veggies it was probably 600.? who knows.

I’m on the 6th day of this god damn period and hopefully on may 20th (last day of school) all this will be gone and I can get an accurate weigh in for once.!

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Oh my fucking god.

I hate having boobs. DESPISE HAVING THEM. they look extremely unattractive, they get in the way of things, and it feels strange to have them. yeah, unpopular opinion I know.

mine aren’t even that big (A34) but on me they look biggish because I’m young. I’m an A but like a big[er] A. not a HUGE A but just a little bigger than most A people I guess you could put it.

I developed and started puberty maybe like a year or so before most of my friends (I don’t entirely remember but I was like 9 or 10 when I first started puberty, heading more towards age 10 I suppose.) and I felt so depressed and awkward because of it. I did [and still do] feel abnormal like something’s really wrong with me.

I know they decrease with weight loss but I’m getting discouraged because the weight that I’ve lost so far was strictly only from my stomach I swear..

And anyway, I started my period when I was just a couple months away from turning 12. and oh my god I just feel so disgusted by myself with the whole developing process. like seriously are these even normal ages to start all this.? I’ve been told so and then by others I’ve been told it’s a tad early so I feel gross and fat because I know most people who are overweight/obese/whatever start puberty the youngest.

Or, if you’re pretty tall you tend to start a little earlier regardless of weight. and I was pretty tall back then and slightly overweight.

Well..anyone care to tell me your opinion on this.? go ahead.

Get it straight.

It annoys me immensely when someone MY age is all like

'OMG.! I'm only 75 lbs.! you're 100?!?! HOLY FUCK WHOAAA.!'

yeah, well. You’re shorter than me by a good couple inches. HEIGHT MAKES A BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE. Not to mention, you’re nearing the underweight range anyway where I so desperately wish I was as well, but alas, I do not have the amazing privilege to metabolize everything I eat 5 minutes after I eat it, thank you very much.

So that is the precise reason as to why you weigh so much less than me. You uneducated, lucky son of a bitch. I may not be skinny but at least I have a hell of a lot more knowledge than these people.

Kay I’m done.

I have a love-hate relationship with this 100 calorie thing.

I have a love-hate relationship with this 100 calorie thing.